The Content of Content

Jaime Levy: ITP's Enfant Terrible
CEO, Electronic Hollywood
While Jaime Levy is CEO of Electronic Hollywood, which creates original content and interactive advertising for the Internet, she also "specializes in designing irreverent multimedia for low bandwidth distribution." Among her disk-based productions are Cyber Rag and Ambulance (An Animated Novel). Her landmark piece is Cyberslacker, the first full-screen, ten-minute streaming cartoon for the Web (visit Levy says of her professional links to the sphere of digital education, "Am I tied to academia? I'm totally tied to academia. I'm a huge believer in the Red Burns school. Everyone I hire comes directly out of the NYU ITP. Everyone. I did, and they know this. That way I can insure complete and utter brand loyalty."

Above: Still from Jaime Levy's Cyberslacker.