New York Daily News - 4-24-98

Electronic H'wood Scripts Super Signup

Red-hot Silicon Alley startup Electronic Hollywood yesterday landed a sweet six-figure investment deal.

The announcement adds to the Web design firm's big-ticket strategic alliance roster which includes IBM, Sun Microsystems and Narrative Communications.

"What makes us different from a typical Web design firm is our total commitment to enhancing the viewer's online experience," said Jaime Levy, CEO and co-founder of Electronic Hollywood.

The investor, a long-time friend of Levy, met her at a MacWorld convention in 1990 and had donated his old computers to her over the years. He said he was waiting for the right opportunity to invest in her talent.

"It's been a long road for me and Jaime," said the investor. Neither would reveal the amount of the investment.

The launch now pits them against the other fiercely competitive Alley-based mid-sized Web design shops like I/O 360, Oculus, and Oven which develops ads and sites on the World Wide Web.