Until recently, the idea of putting out a fanzine on floppy disc was just a figment in a hacker’s imagination; now it looks like digital ‘zines may be the next wave in DIY publishing. Jaime Levy, 26-year-old editor of Cyber Rag and Electronic Hollywood, can lay claim to being the first to publish an electronic ‘zine, having conceived Cyber Rag I as part of her 1990 master’s thesis in Interactive Telecommunications. Since, she’s produced two subsequent issues of the Rag and two of EH on a Mac in either HyperCard or MacroMind Director (the latest issues work well only on Macs with at least three megs of RAM). Both titles feature animation, industrial-music sound effects, editorials that literally jump out at you, trade show reviews and articles on topics ranging from LA raves to the LA riot. Rather crude at first, each issue has gotten bigger and better, with color, improved sound, and slicker graphics. "I guess I’m getting more clever—and gettingmore out of a kilobyte," says Levy. "My whole goal is that, 50 years from now, instead of having 100 books fill up a shelf on your wall, you’ll have 100,000 of them on disc taking up a very small amount of space."

Contact: Box 2966, Hollywood, CA 90078.