You may recall a recent item in this column about Jaime Levy, the 26-year-old Hollywood "hacker chick" who created the first electronic ‘zines, Cyber Rag and Electronic Hollywood. Her most recent project is Ambulance, a 235-page "electronic novel." Written by Sinistry Press founder Monica Moran, the work is integrated with creepy soundtrack music by bassist Mike Watt as well as black-and-white comic book-style animation by Love and Rockets illustrator Jaime Hernandez, the novel takes readers on an interactive horror-ride through a white-trash nightmare. Set deep in the darkest recesses of the Hollywood Hills, the story revolves around the adventures of five twentysomething friends and a vicious serial killer, and features lots of drugs, death and violence. Says Levy, "We’re not trying to replace the printed book; we are using the computer to enhance the story with music samples, pictures, animation and interactivity." Ambulance works on any Macintosh computer, is easy to use, and can be purchased by sending $17 postpaid to electronic Hollywood, Box 2966, Hollywood, CA 90078.