by Farhan Memon

New York City is fast becoming the world capital for multimedia production, and more often than not, it’s women who are leading the digital charge.

On this page are cyberwomen who count. They range from entrepreneurs and online executives to imaginative designers who have created some of the most popular sites on the World Wide Web.

The Post sought out these wired women and gave them carte blanche to comment on the topic of women and computers. Here’s what they said:

Who: Jaime Levy

Position: Creative Director, IconNet

Significance: Top online designer in country

On Women and Computers: I think that women are being encouraged in advertising to go online, but then again I live in New York and it may be different in other parts of the country. I know that some of the sites we’re designing, one for a modelling agency for instance is targeted to women, and Word our online magazine is looking quite feminine.