Title: CEO

Company: Electronic Hollywood

Milieu: Content

Employees: 10

Address: 36 W 25 St, 8th Floor, NYC 10010

Telephone: 212 989 8146

Fax: 212 229 1087

Website: www.ehollywood.net

Email: jlevy@ehollywood.net

Age: 31

Education: BA Radio/TV/Film, San Francisco State University; MA Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University

After launching the world’s first floppy disk-based electronic magazine, CyberRag, and doing the interactive press kit for Billy Idol’s "Cyberpunk" CD, Jaime Levy was the cutting edge of the multimedia industry years before the web came up on anyone’s radar. When it did, she worked on Word.com (see Dan Pelson #11 and Yoshi Sodeoka #53), and created one of the first and most advanced multi-user environments, the Malice Palace.

Sometime in 1996, it seemed like content funding had all but dried up. Sure, commercial work abounded, and Levy capitalized on some of that, but pure content was having a hard time finding backers. For all intents and purposes she was out of commission.

Then, suddenly, she had a business plan with the help of Arthur Anderson’s Tom Turnbull, Flatiron Partner Jerry Colona (see #3), and backing by a long-time friend. Levy’s company, Electronic Hollywood, has opened up offices in the Flatiron district and her crew is pursuing both content and service projects.

Ups: Landing seed capital.

Downs: Searching for direction.

Bottom Line: Levy has the chance of a lifetime; it’s her ball to drop.

1998: Look for Electronic Hollywood to do a number of high-profile work-for-hire jobs, as well as launch a content property or two.